Deathwish Dad Hat Donation

Deathwish Dad Hat Donation

I believe in doing good things for good people. @the_multiply_murse and his crew @deathwishbarbellofficial took me in no questions asked and got me into multi-ply, giving me help, places to stay, equipment hand me downs, you name it. They are now hosting meets, and looking for a new place!

Drawing inspiration from their logo, my new dad hats (embroidered and adjustable) this year adorn the moth and will be giving a portion of the proceeds directly to Ralph and his crew in hopes of making this transition easier for them as I know all to well the hardships of moving spot to spot and finding a new place to call home.

I know Ralph is the kind of guy who wouldn’t let me do this if I told him, he just cares and loves seeing others love the sport, and it was very evident when I competed at his Push Pull in October.

Get a dope hand-drawn new hat, give back to your sport, help people who care.